As your family practice we have an open consultation, so you DO NOT need an appointment. If you need our help, just come over to the office hours. If this is not possible, then call on office hours to arrange a home visit.

On the following days there are particular considerations:

April 2018 – We are closed untill 08.04.2018.

Short-term changes, they can always be found here. These you can also find in our office.

Our Representation Gemeinschaftspraxis am Kloster: Dr. Tittus, Dr. Wenk, Dr. Ibarra
Planeggerstr. 4 81241 München (Pasing) Tel. 089/ 83 20 08 – 9 Fax 089/ 83 33 34
Please arrange an appointment.

Outside the opening hours you will receive medical attention under the Germany-wide phone number: 116117 (without area code) or in urgent cases under the emergency number: 112

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